Capture One 8.3.3 First Impressions


The time has finally come for another blog post.  Life has gotten in the way, and as a result, this blog hasn’t been anywhere near as active as I’d planned.  In fact, I have several partially done articles that have been waiting for over a year.  In this post, I’ll go over a couple key findings from my recent upgrade to the latest version of Capture One Pro.  Moving forwards, I suspect that Capture One Pro is destined to become a integral part of my digital workflow moving forwards.

Capture One Pro 8 is software from Phase One, that allows its users to rapidly review, and process a large number of RAW photographs.  While not as well known as Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Lightroom, or DxO Optics Pro, it is none the less, a very high-end piece of software capable of producing results that are superior to the offerings from Adobe (I can’t comment on DxO Optics Pro, as I lack personal experience with the product).
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